Linggo, Hunyo 24, 2012

Real Americans

Someone asked me what it means to be loyal to my Constitution. This is what it means, in a way that I think that most people can understand.

"The Constitution is a document that guarantees the God-given rights of EVERYONE in the world. It is a beacon of hope that ALL PEOPLE, in my opinion should emulate. Does my loyalty lie with the American people? Hell no. I don't give two shits about most of the American people. I didn't take an oath to defend them. If most of them are enslaved, sheared, and then slaughtered, I will not shed a tear for them since they have NO RIGHT to call themselves 'American' as far as I'm concerned. I couldn't care less about them. Why? Because they have abdicated their responsibility. I swore an oath to be an ally to those who line up, for weeks at an immigration office to BECOME an American...because not only do they care but they know what it means to be one. I swore an oath to be an ally to those who fight for the freedoms of themselves, their families, and their businesses to not have to worry about bullies or tyrants...because they understand how precious it is for them. This is their 'American Dream' that most Americans cannot even BEGIN to understand, based upon the bullshit that I see from most of them. This means that someone in Asia, Europe, Africa, or even Antartica is my ally, if that is ALSO what THEY believe. People are people...and all people want the same things. Therefore most native-born Americans can suck wind for all I long as the IDEA that is the Constitution is preserved, THAT is why I fight. I fight for freedom...and that's all...NOTHING else."